The 3 Key Principles of Customer Journey Mapping in Marketing
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The 3 Key Principles of Customer Journey Mapping in Marketing

More companies today understand the importance of providing the best customer experience possible to their customers. Businesses that offer a sub-par buying experience not only lose clients but end up damaging their brands, sometimes beyond repair.

The 3 Key Principles of Customer Journey Mapping in Marketing

The only way to reliably assess the quality of your customer experience is through proper customer journey mapping. Customer journey mapping allows you to not only quickly identify the pain points customers are experiencing and improve processes, but it also plays a central role in marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the core principles of customer journey mapping and how they tie in with marketing.


Customer journey mapping can break down organizational silos when done correctly. It can help your customer service, sales, and marketing teams coordinate their efforts and improve performance at all levels. Sales teams can help identify what your top clients want and need while customer service can help identify some of the issues your clients are facing during and after the buying process. Improvements in different areas can be used by your marketing team and integrated into marketing efforts.

Look at different customer journey map examples and try to make yours as collaborative as possible. This way, all departments will be able to collaborate and provide input that will help you make better-informed decisions.

Setting Objectives

Customer journey mapping is incomplete if you don’t have clear objectives to aim for. You need to be able to identify where you may be underperforming, but also know what success should look like. This is why you need to measure every step with clear metrics. Once you’ve fixed any pain points, you’ll be able to add to your value proposition and brand persona.


Customer mapping is about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. When you map customer journeys properly, you are able to tell what they like and don’t like about the customer experience. You will also have a much better understanding of who your core audience is. This will allow you to craft a marketing message that is more closely related to their needs. You’ll be able to tell exactly what the perfect customer experience is to them and make your brand or product look like a perfect fit.


Your marketing message needs to be congruent with your customer experience. Any dissonance will hurt your brand and erode trust in it. 

This is why your customer journey has to be carefully mapped and monitored before you start developing marketing campaigns. You don’t want to misrepresent your brand. Being more mindful of your customer experience will allow you to show your strong points without misleading your audience.

If you want to integrate customer journey mapping with marketing correctly, you will need to follow these key principles. Customer experience can be a great selling point, but you first have to make sure that yours is up to par and take the steps necessary to constantly monitor and improve it.

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